Why use white space?
An old man who carved elephants out of wood was once asked how he did it – simple, he replied, I just cut away everything that doesn't look like an elephant.

The elephant principle is what inspires us at white space – the art of knowing what to cut away to reveal what you want the world to know.

How we work
We always begin the creative process with a detailed consultation to establish your precise aims. Do you want to increase sales, develop brand awareness, communicate with your target market or the rest of your company, introduce a new product or service, or perhaps something else entirely?

Once your goal has been established, we bring together a creative team specifically for your project; this keeps our ideas fresh and means that we won't be restricted by a 'house style'.

With this flexible approach, white space can work with you on any aspect of design, print, or digital media.

We're a creatively-led agency where clear thinking leads the way. No-one moves a mouse until we're sure of where you want to go.

white space

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